About Us

Humble beginnings…

We Rent Goats® owner Tim Linquist was raised on a cattle ranch in Northern California. Like many raised in this fashion, being a cattle rancher was the only future he saw for himself.He started by helping his father manage a herd of cattle on 3,500 acres. Then, by working at various cattle ranches, auction yards, and farms (and with a little help from Mom and Dad), he paid his way through Shasta College, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Agri-Business. He went on to earn a BS in Agri-Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.Tim will never forget the lessons he learned from his parents about hard work, having a good work ethic, and being dedicated to the animals that make farm and ranching life possible.

In God’s hands…

After college, Tim took a job at Simplot Meats in Nampa, Idaho. It was during this time that the family was forced to sell their ranch. Heartbroken and unsure for his future plans, Tim pressed on at Simplot.Three years later, the beef plant unexpectedly closed its doors. So Tim took a job with Bettcher Industries, a company that sells meat-processing equipment.It was during this time, that Tim started thinking about the goat business. Believing in God’s plan for his future, and after much thought and prayer, Tim decided to leave the cattle business and start grazing goats.It wasn’t long before he purchased his first 25 female goats or “does” (pronounced “doughs”) in eastern Oregon, and rented them out for weed and brush control. Business was good and, the next year, he bought 225 more does.

Behind Every Good Man…

In July 2009, Tim met Lynda Wilhite. During their first conversation, Tim asked Lynda what she did for fun. “I ride horseback, shoot, farm, and hang out with my goat,” she said. “You have a goat?” Tim asked incredulously. “Yes, I do—a pygmy named William. He rides in my jeep and goes everywhere with me.”“I have 200 goats!” Tim exclaimed, and their love story began. Tim sealed the deal in two months later, taking her home to meet his two sons—and then to California to meet his 225 does.With its vast open spaces and friendly residents, Idaho seemed to be the logical place to start their goat-grazing business together. So they ultra-sounded all their does and shipped the expectant mothers up north.December came and, as the Idaho winter descended, the does unexpectedly starting going into labor. Tim and Lynda fought the biting cold weather for every baby that hit the ground. They put up 30 pens literally overnight, bought every heat lamp and bucket at the farm store, and enlisted the help of every friend and family member they could get ahold of to help them care for these fragile new lives.

That difficult but gratifying winter laid the foundation for a strong relationship between Tim and Lynda. In the barn on Christmas Eve, after a long day of building pens and bringing in does and babies, Tim got down on one knee and gave Lynda jacket with We Rent Goats and her name embroidered on it. Oh, it had an engagement ring in the pocket too.

Today Tim, Lynda, and their two sons, Cody and Ty, work together with their trusty livestock guard dogs, keep their goats safe and happy and their customers satisfied.

Learn more about Tim and Lynda’s working dogs.

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