The Circle of Life

Part of all farming is to avoid waste by finding a use for as much of what you raise as possible. It’s the same with raising goats. While our main business is noxious weed removal and wildfire protection, we also raise and sell goat meat.

The meat comes from wethers (young male goats). When a doe gives birth, we raise all the kids—boys and girls alike. Most of the girls end up in the grazing herd. But once the boys reach about 80 pounds, we decide if want to keep them to sell as breeders (bucks) or… not. If we don’t think the male goat will create good offspring, we slaughter them for meat.

Goat Meat
Starting in November of each year, our wethers are ready to be sold. These goats typically weigh from 70 to 80 pounds, have been feed naturally their entire life, and are not given any hormones or antibiotics. Our goats graze mostly on alfalfa to give the meat a sweet flavor. Wethers are available until we run out, which is usually in the spring—though it can change from year to year.

If you’re interested in purchasing a whole goat, we can have it delivered to a local butcher for you or you can come and pick it up from our place.

If you’re interested in purchasing part of a goat, we can have the meat cut and wrapped to your specifications. We also sell goats by the quarter.


  • Purchase goal live on ranch: $1.75 live weight
  • Delivered to your butcher: $2.00 live weight
  • Cut and wrapped delivered to your house: $7.50 per pound (based on hanging weight)

A 50-percent deposit is required on all goat sales. Deposit is due at the time of ordering. Balance is due upon delivery. If you want to purchase a goat directly from out ranch, the total price is due when you take the goat.

We accept credit cards for meat purchase. Please e-mail us at [email protected]

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