Seeing is believing!

Sometimes pictures speak better than words. Click on any of the images below to see a gallery.

Before & After

Click here to see just what our little hooved friends can do for you.




Click here to see the fencing we use with our goats.



Working Goats

Click here to see our goats hard at work.


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How does the process work?
You call us, we quote the job, bring the fencing and water (if necessary), and let the goats get to it. The goats eat the weeds, and you have a clean piece of land when we leave. The only evidence that we were even there will be some natural fertilizer left behind.


We like to come to your location beforehand so we can see what types of weeds are on your property. If you have weeds that the goats don’t like to eat, we’ll tell you so neither one of us wastes our time or money.